Music and movement help kids to communicate with the world around them.

Musical Enrichment For Those With Special Needs

A student and performer of music for over four decades, Marc picked up the guitar in 1969, and currently plays, mandolin, banjo, bass, piano, steel guitar and percussion, and he sings to kids, every day. In addition to a successful career as a popular recording artist with Columbia Records and other independent labels, Marc has forged a career as a children's musical enrichment specialist for 20 years now.

Among the dozens of schools and institutions which have benefited from Marc's spontaneous and compassionate teaching methods are numerous organizations which cater to children with special needs and challenges.

Marc began his work with Towards Tomorrow through the JCC of Mid Westchester in the early 90's. Toward Tomorrow's program focused upon a pre-school client base with various needs, both physical, and emotional.

Since then, he has worked with The Alcott Montessori School for Speech and Language delayed pre-school children, The Devereaux Millwood Learning Center for autistic children, ages 5-14 years, the WESTCOP Therapeutic Nursery School and Head Start program for 3-6 year olds and the JCC on the Hudson's special event programming for autistic children.

In addition, Marc has worked extensively with developmentally challenged young adults and adults through programs at the JCC in Mid Westchester and Once Upon A River, in Irvington. Marc also maintains one on one teaching relationships with private students of various ages.

Marc brings a vital and wholesome energy to his work with kids and grownups who have unique learning challenges and goals. Fine references are available upon request.

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