Clara's Birthday Party


Marc's first foray into entertaining at a kids party was probably in April of 1990 at his son's first birthday. The lil' kid was too young to complain about it, so the party was considered a success!

Since then, Marc has performed at hundreds of gatherings of youngsters, from birthday parties to picnics, family and camp reunions, nursery school holiday celebrations, pajama parties, ice cream socials, girlscout campfires, fundraisers and memorials.

If you believe that music can make your child, your friends and your family smile, if you truly understand that music can lighten your burden or lift a heavy load, give Marc a shout and let him help you out at your event! Don't forget that a great kids party should always make the grownups rock and roll too!

Kidstuff Songs
Happy Day
Potato Latkes
…one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain…
—B. Marley